Reference Manuals

DBAPIThis is the base DBAPI class.
DBAPIFactoryA static factory class to create DBAPI instances
mysqlThis class implements a MySQL specific DBAPI
phppdoThis class implements an generic PDO-based DBAPI
sqlite2This class implements an SQLite2 specific DBAPI
EmailerThis is a generic emailer implementation for multipart MIME e-mail.
AddTextAdd TTF text to an image
AlbumAn album object that can contain one or more Photo objects.
BorderAdd a border around the image
CanvasResize the image canvas
GalleryA simple gallery backend
PhotoA Photo object that contains a single photo.
ScaleScale the image
TransformAn interface for all the image transformations
BogofilterAn interface to the bogofilter spamfilter
SpamRulesA rule-based spamfilter that can work with SpamAssassin's .cf rules
SpamRules_PluginAn abstract plugin class for the SpamRules host
AuthMixInA mixin for the User module that provides user groups and auth options
IPAddressA simple IP address class that works with IPv4 and IPv6
PreferencesMixInA user preferences mixin for the User module
UserA simple user authentication system
UserMixInAn abstract MixIn for a User object