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UserMixIn — An abstract MixIn for a User object

UserMixIn is part of the User package.


class UserMixIn {
        public         User                $user

        public         void                destroy                   ( void );
        public         void                init                      ( User &$user );
        public         void                start                     ( void );

Object Hierarchy



An abstract MixIn for a User object

If you want to extend the User object should subclass this. All public functions and attributes will be directly accessible from the User object. You can also override the start() or destroy() methods to hook into the User object.

Attribute Details


public         User           $user

A reference to the User object.

Method Details


public         void           destroy                   ( void );

Executed after a User::destroy() has been called


public         void           init                      ( User &$user );

Executed when the User object is created

When you override this function, you should call this manually from within your init() function.

A reference to the User object for this extension.


public         void           start                     ( void );

Executed after a user has been succesfully authenticated and a session has been created.

This is after a User::start() call or after a succesfull User::login() call.