Hearts ToDo list and roadmap

Short term goals

The following list are thing that I'd like to get done before I can put out a 0.1 release:

  • Add statusbar messages, especially for passing cards (Done)
  • Undo/redo support
  • Port AI engines to Python (Done)

Medium term goals

These things should get done somewhere before a 1.0 release:

  • General cleanup of code (Mostly done)
  • Convert suitable structs to GObjects
  • More (and better) AI's
  • New icons, cards and backgrounds instead of borrowing them from Aisleriot


Things I'd really like to do if I ever get around to doing a 2.0 version:

  • Render through librsvg-cairo and have XAML-like cards and hards
  • Port game logic to Python and make pluggable game engines
  • Internet play (maybe even over the MS-Hearts network, or as a gnome-hearts network)