New Officeshots feature: ODF validators

by Sander Marechal

I am happy to announce an exciting new feature for Officeshots: Integrated ODF validators.

Every ODF document that is uploaded is run through several different ODF validators. If the converted documents are also ODF documents (when you are testing ODF round trips) then those results are also passed through these ODF validators.

The results of the validators are made available on the request overview, the individual result pages and inside the galleries. Galleries now not only show all attached documents but also all results and a summary of the validator results. This way it becomes really easy to see which documents failed.

The following ODF validators have been integrated:

Below you can see an example result of a document that has been round-tripped, showing a summary of the validation results. The one thing that show immediately is that the various validators do not always agree with each other. Documents that are valid according to one validator may be invalid according to another. Some documents (such as the result from the old AbiWord versions) can even cause some validators to choke and die with errors.

(large version)

From that page on you can click through to the individual validator outputs so you can see the complete error message.

Have fun!

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