Help translate Officeshots in your language

by Sander Marechal

I have finished setting up the internationalisation and localisation frameworks for Officeshots. If you want, you can now help to translate Officeshots to your own language. Translating Officeshots can be done through our Pootle installation.

At the moment there are almost no languages configured yet in Pootle. The reason is that the CakePHP framework on which Officeshots runs has a different locale structure than what Pootle expects. This means I need to add every language by hand.

If you want to start working on a new language, please post to the Officeshots mailinglist and I will add the language to Pootle and to Officeshots. Also, translations made in Pootle are not automatically pushed to Subversion or to the running Officeshots instances (because of possible merge conflicts). If you need a quick sync or push of language files, please drop a line here on the mailinglist as well.

Happy translating!

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