Subversion upgraded to GnuTLS

Our Subversion server has been upgraded to use mod_gnutls instead of mod_ssl for SSL/TLS encryption. GnuTLS supports Server Name Indication (SNI) which means we can run multiple virtual hosts with SSL/TLS enabled on the same IP address and port.

Unfortunately for you this means that you cannot access our Subversion repository anymore if you use a client that does not support SNI. The standard subversion client as well as all major browsers support SNI these days. The only notable exception is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP. So, if you use IE6 then you can no longer browse our repositories directly. Use the ViewVC interface instead.

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#1 Anonymous Coward (

"Identicifaction" must be a typo. Wikipedia spells it different:

#2 Sander Marechal (

Thanks, I fixed it.

#3 Anonymous Coward

WP sez IE7 on XP is not supported either. FF2+ is, so that's fairly irrelevant I guess.

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