Who Are The Real Friends of Linux and Free Software? Or, Linux Is Still a Dirty Word

Carla Schröder has an excellent editorial over at Linux Today:

[Ken Starks] was the fly in the soup at the big important Linux Foundation-sponsored IBM-hosted Second Annual Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit.Ken stepped up to the mike at the panel discussion and asked a simple question that visibly discomfited the panel: “My customers can turn on their cable television and in 30 minutes watch five Microsoft Windows commercials. When are IBM and HP going to put the same things on? When are my customers going to be able to see about Linux? Television and radio legitimize the product.”

The responses, in my occasionally-humble opinion, were worthy of Redmond itself. […] It all comes back to the same old story—don’t trust the suits because their business models are based on exploitation, and even when they profit handsomely from Linux it’s shameful and not mentioned in polite company.

The real friends of Linux and Free Software are people like Ken Starks […] who are not afraid to take a stand and say plainly “Linux is good, Linux is a superior choice, and yes, you really do have choices.” Why is it that only the little people are brave enough to say this?

From: Linux Today

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