Ubuntu package repositories removed

The package repository at http://packages.jejik.com is no more. I created it way back in 2006 to host packages for gnome-hearts for Ubuntu Dapper Drake because the initial gnome-hearts release came too late to get into the universe repository at that time. Starting with Ubuntu Edgy gnome-hearts has always been in the Universe repositories for Ubuntu. It␂s been over two years since Dapper Drake so it’ time to retire the old repositories.

In the unlikely case that you are still running Dapper Drake or use a machine that was upgraded from Dapper Drake, please remove http://packages.jejik.com from your apt sources list.

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#1 Anonymous Coward

Dapper Drake was advertised as a "Long Term Support" version, with 3 years support on the desktop and 5 years on the server.

Has this changed?

#2 Sander Marechal (http://www.jejik.com)

Nope. The repositories that were removed were my personal repositories at http://packages.jejik.com, which contained some builds of gnome-hearts for Dapper Drake. The repositories at http://packages.ubuntu.com which are supported for 3 or 5 years are still there.

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