Linux community attempts to sponsor Indy 500 car

The Spread Firefox community only talked about it, but the Linux community has actually set up the framework for a Linux Indy 500 sponsorship fund drive in cooperation with Acceleration Marketing. Lobby4linux's Helios was the one to announce the Tux 500 program.

The goal: to raise US$ 350.000,- or more and gain primary sponsorship of a car, including the right to name the car officially. That name will be used in all press releases and by all the media for nearly a full month. While the Tux 500 site has a slick looking model of the car on their front page, the design is still up in the air. They are running a design contest for the car.

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#1 helios (

c'mon boys and girls...a dollar and thirty four cents in the donation box from a fraction of the linux users in the US alone would put this thing to bed...


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