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Webserver relocation

In the week of April 14 our webserver will be moved to a new location. You should not notice anything of this since we can simply reassign the existing IP address to the new server, so no DNS cache needs to be updated. We will be upgrading our base platform from Debian Etch to Debian Lenny during the move. I will update this post once the move has been completed.

Update: The server move has been completed. Please let us know if you see any problems.

Server and network upgrade completed

The upgrade to the subversion/bugzilla server has finally been completed. It took some more time than expected because I needed to order and wait for some HP parts for the server. The new cat6 network cables and 8-port gigabit switch have also been installed.

Subversion server and network upgrade

The subversion, bugzilla and package repository server may be temporarily offline during the coming week. The server is being upgraded with a 3Ware harwdare RAID card and two 500 Gb SATA disks. I am also rewiring my entire network with cat-6 cable and will install a gigabit ethernet switch.

All other services will remain unaffected.