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Package Management Sudoku

Russell Coker recently wrote a post entitled “Ownership of the Local SE Linux Policy”. This post has nothing to do with the substance of his post, which is a discussion of how distributions should configure SELinux by default. I know nothing about SELinux, but something that Russell said in passing caught my attention:

I am not aware of the Debian package dependencies (or those of any other distribution) being about to represent that the postfix package depends on selinux-policy-default-postfix if and only if the selinux-policy-default package is installed. Please note that I am not suggesting that we add support for such things, a package management system that can solve Sudoku based on package dependency rules is not something that I think would be useful or worth having.

As it happens, a little-known fact about the Debian packaging system is that you can, in fact, describe Sudoku puzzles in it!

From: Daniel Burrows’ Blog.