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Injecting custom classes in Jejik/mt940

by Sander Marechal

I have just released a major update to the Jejik/mt940 library. The new 0.3 version allows you to easily extend and override the built-in classes with your own implementations. This makes it possible to easily integrate the MT940 library into your application using a database abstraction such as Active Record or ORM like Doctrine 2. As usual, you van install it through Composer.

Using the new functionality is quite straight-forward. The Jejik\MT940\Reader class now also acts as a factory for creating the various objects that make up a parsed MT940 document.

A parser for MT940 bank statements

by Sander Marechal

I am working on a new project and I needed to parse some MT940 files. MT940 is a pretty common exchange format for bank statements. Most banks will allow you to export your bank statements in this format. I had a look around but I wasn't quite happy with the existing parsers so I decided to implement one myself. This also gave me an opportunity to try out travis-ci and composer/packagist, both of which I haven't used before.

So, Here is jejik/mt940 on github. You can install it using composer and check the build status on travis-ci. At the moment four banks are supported: ABN-AMRO, ING, Rabobank and Triodos bank. I'd be happy to add support for your bank as well. Just send me a Pull Request on github with your parsers.

Jejik/MT940 is licensed under the MIT license. Have fun with it!