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Mailinglists server down

The mailinglists server lists.jejik.com is down for some much needed maintenance. The OS is being reinstalled and the data will be rebuild using backups.

Update 16:00 The maintenance is finished and all systems are operating as they should.

Mailserver relocation

On Wednesday the 24th our mailing list server will be moved to a new location. During the day you may not be able to send or receive mail from out our various mailing lists. At the moment we are not sure exactly what time the move will be, but it all in all it should take less than an hour.

Update: The move has been completed!

Network maintenance

The comming weekend there will be network maintenance done by the Internet Service Provider on the connections to the servers not hosted on http://www.jejik.com.

The affected servers are:

In the night from 31-05-2008 to 01-06-2008 there will be some connection problems.

Server move list server

Because of a new internet connection, the IP adres of the listserver has changed. Due to the nature of the DNS system, expect problems connecting for 72 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.