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SCO files motion to subpoena Groklaw's Pamela Jones

SCO in its wisdom has just guaranteed that the judges in SCO v. IBM and SCO v. Novell will have to read Groklaw. In a stunning move of stupidity they filed a motion in SCO v. IBM to subpoena Pamela Jones and they want IBM to help them get it. To quote Lamlaw:

These guys are a bunch of jerkheads. I have other words that better describe people who abuse the legal system and attempt to harm members of the public for no reason other than to engage in their illegal conduct unfettered by public opinion and comment. (Any attack on PJ is an attack on everyone at Groklaw or anyone who has ever expressed an opinion openly.)

SCO believes it is entitled to IBM's help because they think IBM actively helps Groklaw. Their evidence: A couple of blog comments, some (probably planted) editorials and the fact that IBM donated some hardware to Ibiblio, a public service internet archive that happens to host Groklaw for free.

From: Groklaw