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Give the Gift of Pre-Installed Linux This Year

It has taken the editors over at LXer quite some time to convert cyber_rigger's “List of companies selling preinstalled Linux and no-OS” into a proper database, but they finally did it! The Pre-Installed Linux Vendor Database is a fact. Currently it holds 107 vendors world-wide but you can add more vendors yourselves, so help this database grow! All vendors in the list offer reasonably-priced desktops and/or notebooks for home and office users, and either offer Linux only, or as an installation option on the system configuration page of their sites.

Is Ubuntu set to become non-free?

by Sander Marechal

Last week at the Ubuntu Developer Summit the release goals for Feisty Fawn-scheduled to appear April 2007-were discussed and drawn up. Ubuntu's next version is aiming for some pretty good features such as a bullet proof X.org and network roaming. There's one change that bothers me to no end though: composite by default.

The problem is that, in order to reach this goal, they want to install and configure binary video drivers by default. That is a firm slap in the face of long term Ubuntu users everywhere though.