Past work

View some examples of out web development work below

BSH Bouw

BSH Bouw is a small Dutch contractor for home renovations. They wanted a simple, clean website that they could maintain themselves with just the most basic of HTML knowledge. All the texts, images and most of the page layout of the website can be changed from the administrative back-end. It’s also easy to add new pages and upload new photos. This is the first website that makes use of the new Gallery module, which powers the portfolio.

HeliOS Solutions

HeliOS Solutions is a small not-for-profit Linux company in the United States of America. All their profits go to the Komputers4Kids program, which recycles old computers, installs Linux on them and gives them away to children who need them for school work. We designed and built the entire website pretty much from scratch. Everything except the various penguin images and the phoenix in the logo is original work. The same goes for the backend which is driven by PHP and the Smarty templating engine. This website is the first major implementation of our webkit system which allows us to build custom sites pretty fast. Because Lone Wolves supports the Komputers4Kids program, we designed, built, host and maintain HeliOS Solutions completely without charge.

StockWise Self Storage

Stockwise is a self storage unit rental company in Tilburg, The Netherlands. They requested a site that was fast, lean but did have a commerial look to it. The base design was done by us, but the graphic elements were designed by an external design bureau. There are some dynamic elements on this site, like the model that calculates how much space a client needs and then recommends a unit matching it. The entire tool can be configured and set from the administrative back-end.

ISTH Industrial Systems Technology

ISTH wanted a clean and no-frills site. They also wanted their catalog to be easy to edit without extensive technical know-how. We created a simple administrative back-end that allowed them to create and edit their catalog using wiki syntax similar to MediaWiki's syntax, but with some different features to make it easier to work with. The visual design is based on Ruthsarian Layouts, a freely available design.

This website

We designed and built our website entirely ourselves. No stock software was used. Its main features are a full, custom written blog (with comments, archives, etcetera), a user account system, and visual system intergration with ViewVC and Bugzilla. There's also some behind-the-scenes integration between our website, Subversion, and the Mailman mailing list manager.