Sander Marechal

Geek, programmer and part-time web developer. If I am not hacking away at gnome-hearts or my streaming jukebox server then you can probabely find me moderating the web development forum at or catching up with the latest news at LXer or Groklaw. Below you can find my curricilum vitae marked up in the hResume microformat or you can download it in English (ODF Text or PDF) or in Dutch (ODF Text or PDF).

Curriculum Vitae

A business engineer and web- and open source developer who is passionate about programming, the internet, web standards, free/open-source software in general and Linux in particular.

Personal details

Full name:
Sander Marechal
Date of birth:
October 21st, 1979
's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
Drivers license:

Work experience

  1. Tribal Internet Marketing

    Application Developer / Business Analyst in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands from April 2007Present

    I worked on a number of internal projects. One of them was a fully automated report generating system based on ODF and PDF ( server) and XSLT with the data coming from various external XML-RPC, SOAP and IMAP sources. The odf-xslt project was one of the results. Besides that I worked on implementing and customising Sugar CRM, performed Linux system administration on webservers and subversion servers, and worked on a number of smaller Linux-based projects.

  2. DHL/Exel Supply Chain

    Application Analyst in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands from January 2005March 2007

    I administered and analysed a variety of warehouse management systems plus their eco system of derived intranet applications, databases, tools, EDI flows and reporting engines for multiple DHL sites. The applications were built using a variety of languages and techniques but VBA/ActiveX coupled with MS-SQL were the most common one's.

    I also designed, built and implemented Elsi, a PHP/MySQL application for tracking support requests. It's based loosely on the phpBB 3 core and the look–and–feel of Bugzilla, but aimed at support tracking. It currently serves 6 sites totalling a couple of hundred users and several thousand registered calls. Stress-testing showed it can handle well over 200.000 calls with complex queries and reporting.

  3. Vermeer Logistics B.V.

    Logistics Trainee in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands from September 2003December 2004

    I performed a variety of logistics related reseach and helped out with IT support. I also developed a web application to track the flow of goods, measure a variety of performance indicators and provide custom reporting for both Vermeer and the Heineken brewery about our performance levels. This tool was bought by DHL/Exel and is still in use today.

Aside from the above jobs I have worked during my education in a variety of part-time functions such as mailman, driver and cashier from 1994 to September 2002.

Other related activities

  1. Stichting Lone Wolves

    Programmer in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands from November 2003Present

    Stichting Lone Wolves is a small two-person foundation I co–founded that develops standards-based websites for small to medium businesses. We use the money we earn to fund our free/open-source hobby projects. Some of the projects we have done:

    Gnome Hearts
    A hearts card game I developed because Gnome did not have one yet and KDE only has an implementation that is no longer actively developed. It is written in C and Python.
    Jukebox Server
    A Jukebox server written in Python using GStreamer and Twisted at the back–end. It can manage multiple music libraries and output tagets at the same time. The server can be controlled using XMPP streams.
    A set of loosely coupled PHP 5 modules that we use to quickly build fully customised PHP-driven websites for clients. Websites such as BSH Bouw with it's custom CMS-like back-end, StockWise with it's space calculator and store, and HeliOS Solutions. It contains modules for user authentication, database abstraction, photo gallery management and a SpamAssassin compatible spamfilter.

  2. LXer Linux News

    Editor in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands from July 2007Present

    LXer Linux News is one of the biggest Linux and Free/Open Source news websites on the internet. Since July 2007 I edit story submissions, write original articles and report on FOSS conferences for LXer.

Technical skills


  • Dutch
  • English
  • German (basic)


  1. Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven

    October 2000September 2003. Graduated as Bachelor of Business Engineering. During this time I completed the following projects:

    Vermeer Logistics
    Analysis of the logistics flow. This resulted in a statistical model that could be used to predict bottlenecks and recommendations on a long term company strategy.
    Documenting work processes and restructuring an assembly line.
  2. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

    September 1998October 2000. After two years of the course for Master of Business Engineering I switched to the Bachelor course due to a lack of higher calculus skills.

  3. Frederik Hendrik College 's-Hertogenbosch

    September 1992May 1998. Graduated Atheneum with the courses Dutch, English, German, Math, Advanced math, Economy, Business economy and Physics.