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WE are Linux! - Tux500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

by Sander Marechal

Tux500, the community sponsorship drive to put a Linux car in the upcoming Indianapolis 500 is picking up steam. After they recetly opened a webshop with Tux500 gear, created a myspace page and started a radio blog, the team announced yesterday that they broke the $10.000,- threshold. $10.000,- is still a long way off from the goal of $350.000,- but it's enough to put Tux on the nose of the car.

Meanwhile, LXer's NoDough has written an open letter to Dell in the hope that it will bring Tux500 nearer to the $350.000,- goal. Good timing because right at that time a Dell spokesperson showed up at LXer to discuss the recent Dell-Ubuntu announcement and the community responses to it. I hope he picked up on the open letter and send it on to the appropriate persons within Dell.

The latest bit of news is the "WE are Linux!" video created by the Tux500 team — filmed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Here you go: